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11 September 2019

Environment Committee Update

By Quetta Kaye, Chair, Environment Committee

London is in Bloom!
Here, in the Forest Hill Society, we are playing our part in making London bloom in our town centre — especially on Forest Hill station's forecourt and platforms — as we enter for our seventh year in the RHS’s London in Bloom “It’s Your Neighbourhood” challenge. Judging day was on the 9th July, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for another “Outstanding” award.

This year, as part of London Underground/Overground’s “100 years ... celebrating our heritage” theme, our team of green-fingered volunteers has endeavoured to recreate the London Underground roundel with red, white and blue petunias in one planter on each of the platforms; and each planter displays a small placard depicting Forest Hill station in the past, contrasted with our modern-day station. Flowers in the platforms’ other planters are designed to reflect Overground’s roundel in orange, white and blue colours. These colours are repeated in the main entrance’s planters.

Hydrangea Danger!
For rail commuters who were wondering what happened to the magnificent pink Hydrangea which was in full bloom behind the bike shelter on Platform 1 of the station: one of our volunteers saw a railway employee hacking it down … two days before our judging day! He was told that it was a security risk as “someone could be hiding behind it doing something they shouldn’t” — as opposed to any of the other areas on the platform where hiding to do “things” could be done. Poor Hydrangea flowers … gone, but not forgotten.

Greening the Streets
Outside the Sylvan Post pub on Dartmouth Road, with contributions from the Ward Assembly and the pub, we have added aromatic herb planters between the groups of seats which were positioned on the road’s recently improved pavements, thereby adding yet another element to our town centre’s carbon-capturing planting.

Working with Street Trees for Living, spaces have been identified for 50 trees on pavements on our stretch of the South Circular as well as for 32 trees to be planted elsewhere on grass. These proposed sites include the area near WHSmith, where a permanent Christmas tree would be planted instead of the temporary one. The proposals have been forwarded to Transport for London for consideration under their street trees scheme and we await their approval for installation of at least some of these trees.

Trees, as we are becoming increasingly aware, are good for us — and birds, bees and other insects — by not only absorbing pollutants but also by exhaling oxygen to create purer air.

Help is always needed …
With more volunteers, the efforts of the Environment Committee could be expanded. If you have ideas of ways in which we could do more, and would like to help us achieve them, please join us and let us hear your views. 

26 September 2016

Outstanding Again!

The RHS In Bloom It's Your Neighbourhood award for 2016 to The Forest Hill Society is.... "Outstanding".

Well done all those who have put in the hours and done the hard work (planting, pruning, building flower towers, etc) to make this award possible.

But we really need some additional volunteers to help keep up the good work and make Forest Hill look lovely. So PLEASE put in your diary Saturday October 15th at 2.30pm to join us at Forest Hill Station to cut back, chop down, turn over and replant so that we are establishing a good base for next year.  Even if you can only spare half an hour it would make all the difference when combined with everyone else's half hour.

Many thanks again to all the hard grafters.

24 April 2016

Planting in the Town Centre

Gardening volunteers needed on Saturday 30th April, meeting at 2.30pm in front of Forest Hill station to clip, weed and replant to get ready for our entry to the Royal Horticultural Society's "It's Your Neighbourhood" 2016 - and more importantly to make our town centre look nice.

Please bring a trowel, secateurs or scissors and gardening or other protective gloves.  No experience needed, but as we will be working in close proximity to the road this activity is not suitable for children.

12 September 2014

The 'Outstanding' Grow Mayow Community Garden

As well as the Forest Hill Society gaining 'Outstanding' in the London In Bloom competition, another local group achieved the same accolade:

Grow Mayow Community Garden has been awarded the highest level of achievement from the Royal Horticultural Society and London in Bloom in this year’s RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood initiative.

Iris Borgers and Erika Sager were presented with the Level 5: Outstanding award at the RHS London In Bloom ceremony at the Surrey County Cricket Club on Monday, 8 September.

“This is a wonderful achievement for the Garden that would not have been possible without the help of local volunteers who have spent countless hours planting, weeding, watering and moving mulch” says Iris Borgers, Garden Director.  “We are also very thankful for the support we have received from Martin Hyde at Green Scene, Shannon’s Garden Centre, Mayow Park Systems, Havelock 11, Caribbean Mix Cricket Club, Friends of Mayow Park and Streetscape whose contributions and donations have made the reinstatement of the front garden possible.”

Grow Mayow Community Garden Project is open to public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm and has weekly volunteer sessions on Tuesday mornings from 10am to noon and Wednesday afternoons from noon to 2pm. They host a variety of events for children and from September will be running their own Nature Kids Club on Thursday mornings from 10:30 to Noon.

Further details about Grow Mayow Community Garden Project and all upcoming events can be found at

08 September 2014


The Forest Hill Edible High Road has been judged as 'Outstanding' by the RHS London in Bloom Judging panel!

Congratulations to the
volunteers from the Forest Hill Society, Forest Hill station and local businesses!

15 August 2011

Forest Hill Society wins Funding from Ward Assembly

The Forest Hill Local Assembly yesterday voted to fund 13 projects across the ward and the Forest Hill Society was lucky enough to receive funding for all four of our proposals - totalling just under £19,000.

Two projects look to improve facilities in the Horniman Triangle play park with the addition of two new sets of equipment; Swings for young children and Games Tables for everyone.
The Games Tables will allow park users to play table tennis on sturdy outdoor tables. Similar tables are well used in Dulwich Park.

The two other projects look at improving the environment around the town centre. The first continues to flower planting that the Forest Hill Society started around the station and opposite Horniman Museum. The new funding will allow us to continue to maintain the flowers in these locations and expand the scheme to other locations in the town centre, as well as improving watering facilities at the station, to make maintenance easier.

The final project will target empty shop fronts in the town centre and use them to display large images from the Horniman collection, brightening up the town centre and providing a visual link between the town centre and the Horniman Museum.

09 July 2011


Eighteen volunteers joined members of the Forest Hill Society in replanting Forest Hill station’s forecourt, as the Society’s entry to the London in Bloom ‘It’s your neighbourhood” category’.

Many of the volunteers became involved through leaflets or were just passing by on the day. Expert help was also given by the head gardener of the Horniman Gardens, Shannon’s Garden Centre and Lewisham’s Green Scene.

Judging will take place in mid-July so we need to make sure that the forecourt continues to look its best.

Constant watering will be needed for the coming summer months, plus occasional weeding, a watering rota of eight regulars has been established but additional volunteers would be really welcomed.

The beds have suffered a little from littering, even with bins right next to the beds, so if you feel like helping you could help here, or with dead heading, then please do.

LOROL have been very supportive of the scheme and have now agreed that the Society can use a bed on platform 1 and we plan to plant bulbs in autumn for a delightful spring display

Posters were kindly donated by Willmott Dixon