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Background information you might want to know about Forest Hill
Below you will find information about doctors, churches, schools, sporting facilities, allotments, open spaces, local politics and police. If you spot an error, or would like some information added, please contact us at the email address above.

Doctors' Surgeries
Use the online NHS tool to search for a GP. In our experience, you have to call the PCT in order to get a GP to accept you, even though they are supposedly accepting new patients.

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Church of England, Roman Catholic, Mosques, Synagogue, other Christian denominations and other religions. We have used pins for Christian churches and markers for other religions in the map below.

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Church of England
To find out which parish you live in, use A Church Near You.
Holy Trinity Centre, Sydenham, SE26 4EA
St Augustine's Church, One Tree Hill, SE23 3LE
Christ Church, Forest Hill, SE23 2UJ
St Saviour's Church, Brockley Rise, SE23 1JN
St. Hilda with St. Cyprian, Crofton Park, SE23 1PL
St George + Christ Church St Paul, Vancouver Road, SE23 2AG
St Bartholomew's Church, Sydenham, SE26 6QR
Church of St Philip the Apostle, Sydenham, SE26 6QW
Church of St Clement with St Peter, East Dulwich, SE22 0AY
Roman Catholic
St William Of York, Forest Hill, SE23 1PS
Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Kirkdale, SE26 4QL
Our Lady and Saint Philip Neri, Sydenham, SE26 5SE
Saint Mary Magdalen, Brockley, SE4 2BA
Lewisham Islamic Centre, 363 Lewisham High St, SE13 6NZ (Men/Women only, Salafi)
Penge Mosque and Islamic Centre, 157a High Street, Penge , SE20 7DG (Men Only, Deobandi)
Peckham Islamic Centre, 12 Choumert Grove, Peckham Rye, SE15 4PD (Men/Women only, Deobandi)
Dulwich Islamic Centre, 23 North Cross Road, SE22 9ET (Men Only, Sufi)
Catford Synagogue, SE6 2YA
Bromley and District Reform Synagogue, BR1 4AD
Other Christian
Baptist, Perry Rise, SE23 2QL
Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall, 27 Brockley Rise, SE23 1JG
Lutheran, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church, 50 Dacres Road, SE23 2NR
Methodist, Normanton Street, SE23 2DS
Methodist, Wesley Hall, 211 Sydenham Road, SE26 5HF
Quaker, Friends Meeting House, 34 Sunderland Road, SE23 2QA
Balm of Gilead Christian Ministry, Stanstead Road, SE23 1HH
Forest Hill Christadelphians, Hamilton Hall, South Road, SE23 2UF
Living Spring International, 8 Devonshire Road, SE23 3TJ
Malham Christian Centre, 118 Malham Road, SE23 1AN
The Church Worldwide International, 49c Devonshire Road, SE23 3EN
The New Testament Church of God (Rehoboth) 159, Perry Rise, SE23 2QU
Unity London 22 Herschell Rd, SE23 1EG.
Ichtus Christian Fellowship, Bonhoffer Church, 50 Dacres Road, SE23 2NR
Other Religions
Hindu, Maha Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan, Honor Oak Park, SE23 3LE
Buddist, Longchen Foundation, 18 Courthill Road, SE13 6HB


Below you will find a list of all known Nursery, Primary and Secondary, Independent schools. Clicking on the number to the left will take you to Ofsted's site for the school, clicking on the school name will take you to the school's website.

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Ackroyd Community Nursery, 4 Ackroyd Road, SE23 1DL
Ackroyd Community Nursery (Baby Unit), 4 Ackroyd Road, SE23 1DL
Primary Schools
100851 St Francesca Cabrini RC Primary School, SE23 3LE
100721 Christ Church CE Primary School, Perry Vale, SE23 2NE
100677 Dalmain Primary School, SE23 1AS
100715 Perrymount Primary School, SE23 2PX
100710 Fairlawn Primary School, SE23 3SB
100714 Horniman Primary School, SE23 3PB
100718 Kilmorie Primary School, SE23 2SP
100737 St William of York Catholic Primary School, SE23 1PS
100723 Holy Trinity CE Primary School, SE23 3HZ
100711 Eliot Bank Primary School, SE26 4BU
100704 Stillness Junior School, SE23 1NH
100705 Stillness Infant School, SE23 1NH
100700 Rathfern Primary School, SE6 4NL
100726 St Bartholomew`s CE Primary School, SE26 4LJ
100671 Adamsrill Primary School, SE26 4AQ
100690 Kelvin Grove Primary School, SE26 6BB
100731 St Michael's CE Primary School, SE26 4HH
100686 Haseltine Primary School, SE26 5AD
100732 Our Lady and St Philip Neri RC Primary School, SE26 5SE
Secondary Schools
100741 Sydenham Secondary School, SE26 4RD
100745 Forest Hill Secondary School, SE23 2XN.
100747 Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College, SE4 1SA
100750 Prendergast-Hilly Fields College, SE4 1LE
100743 Sedgehill Secondary School, SE6 3QW
135073 Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College, SE14 5SF
Independent Schools
Inspections by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. ISI is the agency responsible for the inspection of schools which are members of the Associations of the Independent Schools Council (ISC). Ofsted are responsible for inspecting other independent schools as well as ensuring that Boarding Schools meet the Minimum National Standards. (Ofsted inspections are listed in parentheses).

7282 Alleyn's Junior School, SE22 8SU
6191 Alleyn's Senior School, SE22 8SU
7566 Dulwich College Kindergarten and Infant School, SE21 7LD
7601 Dulwich College Junior School, SE21 7LD
6408 Dulwich College Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, SE21 7LD (SC007116)
6409 Dulwich College Preparatory School, SE21 7AA (SC007115)
6850 Rosemead Preparatory School, SE21 8HZ (EY313766)
6954 St Dunstan's College, Junior and Senior Schools, SE6 4TY
(132110) Springfield Christian School, SE6 4LP

Sporting Facilities

We have entries for Badminton, Basketball, Climbing, Cricket, Football, Gyms, HockeyRugby, Squash, Swimming and Tennis. For other sports (or Borough wide listings) please check Lewisham's Sports and Leisure Directory or Southwark's Community Directory.
  • The Dalmain Pen (All Weather)
    Grove Close, SE23 1AS.
    Telephone:(020) 8699 2675
  • Millwall Community Scheme, although based at The Den, MCS run Kickz schemes at Sydenham High School and Wells Park.
    Telephone: (020) 7740 0503
  • Forest Hill Park FC (men's) play at Ladywell Arena, Silvermere Road, SE6 4QX.
    Telephone:(020) 8318 1986
    Contact: Clayton Walters (07774) 294 236
Swimming Clubs
  • Saxon Crown - currently training at St Dunstan's, Ladywell, Downham, The Bridge and Wavelengths.
  • Flip and Turn - St Dunstan's, Catford. (07508) 220972
Swimming Pools


Due to the extensive waiting lists, only Lewisham Residents are allowed to apply for allotments in Lewisham. The current waiting lists can be found on Lewisham's website.
It would appear that Southwark operates a more lenient policy, allowing allotment organisations to set their own policies. A full list of allotments can be found on Local allotments include:

Open Spaces

Forest Hill is blessed with a wide variety of open spaces within easy walking distance.

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  • Gardens
    Horniman Gardens - Entrance via London Road or Nods Way (off Westwood Park)
    Benchley Gardens - Entrance off Benchley Gardens
  • Parks
    Mayow Park - Entrance off Mayow Road or Silverdale
    Sydenham Wells Park - Entrance off Wells Park Road, Longton Avenue or Taylor's Lane
    Home Park - Entrance off Sydenham Road
    Dulwich Park - Entrances off Dulwich Common, Court Lane and College Road
    Baxters Field - Entrance via Radlett Avenue or Charlecote Grove
    Crystal Palace Park
  • Open Spaces
    Horniman Triangle - Entrance off Sydenham Rise or Sydenham Hill
    Honor Oak Rec - Entrance off Honor Oak Park or through Camberwell New Cemetery
    Blythe Hill Fields
    The Dip - Entrance off Kirkdale, Spring Hill or Mendip Close
    Peckham Rye
  • Wooded Areas
    One Tree Hill - Entrance off Benchley Gardens or Honor Oak Park
    Sydenham Hill Woods - Entrance off Cox's Walk or Crescent Wood Road
    Albion Millenium Green - Off Albion Villas Road
  • Nature Reserves
    Dacres Road Nature Reserve
    Devonshire Road Nature Reserve
    Grierson Road Nature Reserve

Local Politics

Voting in Lewisham can be quite confusing, with at least four different voting systems, depending on which election is happening. We elect two Mayors, eight MEPs, an MP, twelve Assembly Members and three Councillors. Follow these links to your MP, MEP, GLA, Councillors and Party offices
Our area is covered by several Constituencies; Forest Hill town centre is in the constituency of Lewisham West and Penge, which is represented by Jim Dowd MP, while other parts are covered by the neighbouring constituencies of:
  • Lewisham Deptford - Vicky Foxcroft MP
  • Camberwell and Peckham - Harriet Harman MP
  • Dulwich and West Norwood - Helen Hayes MP
  • Beckenham - Bob Stewart MP
Enter your postcode at to find out who represents you.
Eight MEPs represent London in the European Parliament. For a list of the current incumbents, please see or
Forest Hill is in the constituency of Greenwich and Lewisham which is represented by Len Duvall AM. In addition, there are 11 London-wide Assembly Members who are elected on a proportional voting, party list basis. The full list of Assembly Members can be found on
Our membership covers four wards; Forest Hill, Perry Vale, Crofton Park and Sydenham. For details of your councillors, please look at
Local Party Offices
In an emergency always call 999
Non-emergency Telephone Number: 101
Forest Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 020 8721 2723
Perry Vale Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 020 8721 2480
Crofton Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 020 8721 2485
Crime Stoppers: 0800 500 111 (report crime anonymously 24/7)