09 August 2022

Planning: Drakes Court, Devonshire Road


The construction of residential dwellings (Use Class C3) together with new play space, cycle parking spaces, refuse/recycling stores and associated landscaping works at Drakes Court Estate, Devonshire Road SE23. | DRAKES COURT, DEVONSHIRE ROAD, LONDON, SE23 3LY

Following the final consultation phase the planning application for the above is now being considered. The Planning Committee of the Forest Hill Society discussed this application at their meeting on 26th July 2022.

We would like to support this thoughtfully considered scheme which is considerate to existing residents and neighbours in scale & design, sympathetic to its context and with a particularly comprehensive & imaginative landscaping plan. The documents and plans in the application were clear and detailed which is not always the case with infill developments. The scheme will provide 8 new quality social rented council homes and substantial improvements to the landscaping & amenity areas.

It is pleasing that comments made by residents and others have been incorporated in the final submission.

However, we do consider it important that the contractors respect the intentions of the plan during the construction. Once large quantities of plant & materials are moved on site, we have unfortunately seen too many ‘non material amendments’ seeking to remove inconvenient trees or RPA’s compromised in some other infill developments.

We feel this plan should be a source of pride for those who have worked hard to develop it, and welcomed by the local community.