26 November 2015

Forest Hill CPZ - Forest Hill Society's Response

The Forest Hill Society welcomes the consultation on a controlled parking zone for the centre of Forest Hill, however, we have no view in favour or against, and we believe it is right for local residents to have their say through this consultation. 

We recognise that there is growing pressure on parking due to the success of a number of attractions in Forest Hill including; the museum, the swimming pool, and the shops in the high street. There are also increasing numbers of commuters going through Forest Hill station, and a small proportion of them will travel to the station by car. This pressure on parking means that it is right for residents to consider a CPZ as an option.

There are a number of points that we wish to make in relation to a CPZ. These points should neither be seen as an endorsement or a rejection of a CPZ, but if there were to be a CPZ we would want it to be right scheme for the area.

Impact on Perry Vale and Honor Oak
If a CPZ is introduced in Forest Hill then consideration should be given to including roads between the railway and Sunderland Road, and between Tyson Road and Honor Oak Park. Because the impact is very predictable, consideration to this area must be done at the time of implementation rather than waiting for complaints for residents.

Length of CPZ Restrictions
If a CPZ were to be created in Forest Hill town centre we would favour limiting residential only parking to one or two hours in the morning, rather than for the whole of the day. This would bring the greatest benefits for users of the high street, the pools, and the library.