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05 December 2020

SEE3 Christmas Shopping Guide 2020

Residents of Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham should soon be receiving the SEE3 Christmas Calendar and Directory through their letterboxes. This annual calendar will include its most comprehensive list of businesses in Forest Hill, Sydenham, Kirkdale and Honor Oak.


21 November 2019

Christmas 2019 in Forest Hill, Sydenham, and Kirkdale Your guide to all the events this December across SE23 and SE26.

Your guide to all the events this December across SE23 and SE26.

Highlights in Forest Hill include:
  • Havelock Walk Winter Weekend - Sat 30th November & Sun 1st December, 12-6pm 
  • Late Night Shopping in Forest Hill and Kirkdale - Thu 5th December until 8pm
  • Forest Hill Christmas Tree switch on and carol singing - Sat 7th December, 4:15pm 
  • Kirkdale Christmas Tree Lights switch on - Sat 3rd December, 5pm 
  • Horniman Christmas Fair - Sun 15th December, 10am-3pm 
With lots of other events throughout December.

23 November 2017

Christmas Events 2017

SEE3 Guide to Christmas events in Forest Hill, Sydenham, and Kirkdale for December 2017

Download your copy from here.

23 November 2016

Christmas 2016 in Forest Hill, Sydenham, and Kirkdale

Your guide to all the events this December across SE23 and SE26.

Highlights in Forest Hill include:
  • Havelock Walk Winter Weekend - Sat 26th & Sun 27th Nov, 12-6pm 
  • Horniman Christmas Fair - Sat 3rd & Sun 4th, 10.30am-5pm 
  • Forest Hill Christmas Tree switch on and carol singing - Sat 3rd December, 3.30-5pm 
  • Kirkdale Christmas Tree Lights switch on - Sat 3rd December, 5pm 
With lots of other events throughout December.

22 September 2016

A Cycling and Walking Masterplan for Forest Hill and Beyond

By Brendan Cuddihy (Planning & Transport Committee)
One of the aims of the Forest Hill Society is to enhance the quality of life in SE23 and over the years the Society has had some great successes in this respect. However, two aspects of life in Forest Hill and the surrounding areas that remain below par are cycling and walking. Car use is relatively high as more active travel modes are not seen as attractive by many. The hilly nature of the locality, of course, plays a part in suppressing bicycle use, but the reality is that our streets are simply too hostile for most people to even consider getting around on a bike. Walking can also be an unpleasant experience as many of our streets are blighted by high traffic levels. Sadly, serious injuries and fatalities are not unknown on our roads.

In light of this, the Forest Hill Society is teaming up with the Sydenham Society and SEE3 to prepare a cycling and walking masterplan for the local area. This masterplan will look at our streets and consider physical measures to make them better places in which to cycle and walk. It will also look strategically across the wider area, and will identify where people want to walk or cycle.
For instance, safe routes to schools would certainly play a central role. The ultimate aim will be to make cycling and walking the most attractive choice when deciding how to travel around Forest Hill and Sydenham.

Getting more people cycling and walking would provide many benefits to the community. As well as improving road safety, there would be: reduced noise and pollution for people living on busy roads; economic benefits for local businesses from increased spend associated with cycling and walking; greater social equity from improved access and reduced travel costs for non-car users; and increased independence for children, the elderly and those with disabilities. And for those times when we need to drive, fewer cars on the roads means reduced congestion.

However, there are challenges — chief amongst them being our unique geography. The South Circular and the railway line present significant barriers to ease of movement around the area. Some creative thinking and bold ideas may be needed to deal with these barriers.

Our initiative to develop a masterplan comes at an opportune time, as Lewisham Council is set to adopt its first Borough Cycling Strategy; and in Sadiq Khan we have a Mayor of London who is keen to promote cycling and walking, and combat poor air quality and the public health epidemics of obesity and inactivity.

We are currently engaging with the councillors from Forest Hill, Sydenham and Perry Vale to build political support for this initiative. We are also continuing to monitor announcements from City Hall regarding cycling and walking — one of Sadiq Khan’s election pledges was to implement a ‘mini-Holland’ cycle scheme in each borough. Mini-Holland funding would allow for the rapid implementation of the masterplan. However, we are determined to push ahead with our local initiative even in the absence of mini-Holland funding, albeit as a longer term vision for the area.

Over the winter and spring we hope to kick off a series of community workshops inviting residents and workers to design the cycling and walking masterplan. By working with the community and relying on the help of organisations such as Lewisham Cyclists and Lewisham Living Streets, we can make Forest Hill a great place to get around by bike and on foot, for the benefit of all.

01 September 2015

Portas Pilot/SEE3 Town Team Meeting

Portas Pilot/SEE3 Town Team Meeting

Thursday 3rd September, 7-8.30pm Forest Hill Pools

The Portas Pilot/SEE3 Town Team meets once a quarter in the community room at Forest Hill Pools, Dartmouth Road. Meetings are open to all – from local residents who love their locality to budding entrepreneurs, local traders and aspiring market stall-holders. Particularly welcome are those with experience in bid-writing, who can help forge SEE3’s next stage of development. One of the main agenda items on September 3rd will be the presentation of the latest designs for the frontage of Louise House and Forest Hill Pools. Come along and join in!

28 April 2015

Dartmouth Road Concept Presentation

Below is the presentation provided in the Forest Hill Ward Assembly and SEE3 Town Team Meeting for some of the concepts for Dartmouth Road. There are still many further months of consultation to agree the detail of the scheme. The Forest Hill Society has some concerns about the current designs, but we welcome the opportunity to see a transformation of this road.

Proposals for road narrowing, to allow for more space for pedestrians and parking:

Proposed areas of the road for existing and increased parking, and drop-off at the pool:

Proposed additional bus stops for the centre of Dartmouth Road (outside the pool and The Hill):

19 March 2015

Funding awarded for improvements in Dartmouth Road

The bid for £113,000 from the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund has been successful. The bid was submitted by SEE3, V22, and Lewisham Council with the support of the Forest Hill society.

The funding will help improve public space on Dartmouth Road and will help to develop a long-term cultural strategy. Plans include animating the underused spaces outside Forest Hill library, Louise House and Forest Hill pools, to ensure they are a key feature of the place.

V22 have also received Arts Council funding to renovate the old laundry at Louise House and the rear garden. The plan is that in a year from now there will be an integrated space around the library, Louise House and the pools that will provide a welcoming area for a range of events, markets and other community activities.

This grant adds to the £600,000 from Transport for London for pedestrian and road improvements from the library to the junction with the South Circular. The initial concept design work is now underway to see how the public realm can be improved with views being sought on areas such as parking arrangements.

More details from the South London Press.

24 November 2014

Your Guide to Christmas in Forest Hill, Sydenham & Kirkdale

SEE3 has produced a guide to events happening in December 2014 across Forest Hill, Sydenham, and Kirkdale.

There's lots of events, fairs, and opportunities to shop locally, so take a look inside.

08 September 2014

Forest Hill Fashion Week

As London Fashion Week tails off, the local community of Forest Hill pick up the fashion baton and provide South London and it’s visitors with their local take on fashion, craft and style.

Founded in 2013 by South East London local Louise Brooks, this bi-annual event was born from the SEE3 Portas Pilot investment to regenerate local high streets in the area. Originally conceived to support the Pop-Up shops scheme, Forest Hill Fashion Week (FHFW) was such a local success that the team have kept it going.

Previous FHFW events have seen live catwalks and a local craft market take over the Horniman Museum & Gardens. Keen to keep each year fresh, new and interesting, this year will see a host of events that will allow innovative and original designers the opportunity to present their work locally in and around Forest Hill.

Festival highlights will include; catwalk shows, markets, children’s events, and designers showcasing their work in local shops. It will end with a grand finale closing concert staged by Forest Hill Society in the station car park on Sunday, 21st September.

Local Forest Hill craft store Stag & Bow will be organising a Big Knit. It’s an unofficial record attempt to knit as many items as possible. They will be inviting participation in the preceding weeks at a number of events, with the items going on sale during FHFW and all proceeds going to the One Girl charity for the education and empowerment of girls and women in Sierra Leone (

Louise Brooks, FHFW founder told us "We're looking forward to delivering the biggest and best Forest Hill Fashion Week to date. We’re aiming to highlight Forest Hill's strong arts identity, as well as providing a platform for the growing crafts and makers community. We have some really talented creatives in Forest Hill and this event will be a celebration of their talent."

Forest Hill Fashion Week is a family-friendly, inviting, community festival with something for all ages, celebrating the wonderful craft, design and creative buzz of South East London.

For all the latest up-to-date Forest Hill Fashion news, please visit

07 July 2014

Call out to local architects, urban designers, landscape architects and related professionals

Forest Hill Town Centre - Design Charrette, Saturday, 19th July 2014
The last area specific vision and planning guidance for Forest Hill Town Centre was produced in 2003 and much has changed since this time. The town centre has seen a considerable increase in new businesses and new residential development over the past 3-4 years, a new swimming pools complex has opened and the Horniman Museum and Horniman Triangle attract ever more people to the area. There is also an established arts community focused on Havelock Walk and new workspace for artists is due to open this year in Louise House. The addition of London Overground to connect Forest Hill into the underground network has been highly successful and the area is in high demand to new residents. BUT at the heart of this the south circular still passes through the town centre and has a big impact on people and spaces, in addition key streets lack coherence, some connections are poor and key sites are an eyesore.

The Forest Hill Society, SEE3 and members of the wider community have identified that there is
a strong need for a new creative vision for the town centre and related areas, based on:
• evidence of how it works today;
• a community led vision for change and action; and
• creative ideas for making the town centre a better place.

Achieving this will be a significant piece of work and in order to start this process off we are holding a community led design charrette to be held on the Saturday, 19th July 2014 in Havelock Walk. 

The idea is to harness the analytical and creative skills of the local community, to focus on using the skills of local architects, urban designers, landscape architects and related professionals and to run the workshops in the format of a short design charrette or creative workshop. The written outcomes of this work will become supporting documents and content for further placemaking and regeneration work, to help support future funding applications and to help inform future policy guidance.

This workshop will be run between 10am and 5pm in a central venue that enables site visits, investigations and ideas testing. This is a realistic amount of time to expect local people to contribute initially and that we hope a sufficient number of people with creative vision and useful experience will be able to attend (ideally we are looking for around 20-25 in total for the charrette plus more for a feedback and review session at the end of the day). Those attending will comprise both invited local built environment specialists, including architects, landscape architects, engineers, planners and other specialists, and others that have identified they would like to attend in response to a local call for support. We would like those attending to include local traders, community groups, and people from a range of ages and ethnic groups.

Specifically we want to bring together a creative mix of skills, experience, local knowledge and new ideas.

The sites and areas that have been identified to look at include:
• Forest Hill Station forecourt and related sites, including the visual approach into Forest Hill from the South Circular
• Perry Vale pedestrianisation ideas and related sites, including the Perry Vale Car park
• The connections between Forest Hill and Sydenham along the railway line
• Dartmouth Road spaces and pocket park opportunities

If you are interested in taking part please contact

25 April 2014

Forest Hill Street Piano


Forest Hill Station now has a street piano, located in the cycle shelter near On the Hoof’ coffee stand. The piano can be played by anybody at any time and we encourage you to stop by for a minute for a quick tickle of the ivories or for a full scale knees-up round the old Joanna.

23 March 2014

Forest Hill’s Mini Film Festival

Forest Hill’s Mini Film Festival is a four day programme of film related events for the whole community. If you enjoy this programme look out for another - bigger - festival in July this year. If you are interested in becoming part of the film community come to one of the Vortex Cinema Club’s monthly events - see for more details. Look out for news about the Vortex Underground Cinema opening beneath DoopoDoopo soon...

Overview of events:
7pm Vortex Cinema Club Presents: Duncan Reekie from Exploding Cinema
A diverse selection of short films, videos and performance pieces by local film makers.
With live music from local artists. Suitable for audiences over 12. No booking required.
Venue: DoopoDoopo 15 Dartmouth Rd SE23

4pm Want to Work in the Film Industry? Meet the experts panel (14+)
Venue: Platform 1, 2-4 Devonshire Rd (next to the station*)
Suitable for young people aged over 14. No booking required.

6pm Film Screening of Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet” (12+)
Venue: Platform 1, 2-4 Devonshire Rd (next to the station*)
Suitable for audiences aged over 12. No booking required.

All Day Film-Making Workshop (Ages 8+)
Venue: Platform 1 2-4 Devonshire Rd (next to the station) SE23
Spaces are limited. To express your interest please email:

Editor's Pick: 10am-12pm Silent Saturday Morning: Silent Movies from 1920s
For the first time since 1973 The Capitol will be showing a film. The Buster Keaton silent movies are a homage to the genre of movies shown when the cinema first opened in 1929. 
Venue: The Capitol/Wetherspoons, London Road SE23
Suitable for all ages. Families welcome. No booking required.

12-4pm Screenwriters Workshop
Venue: Upstairs at The Hob 7 Devonshire Rd SE23
Booking required.

8pm Screening of acclaimed thriller “Julia’s Eyes” PLUS Director’s Q&A
Venue: DoopoDoopo 15 Dartmouth Rd SE23 (Doors open 7pm)
Suitable for over 15s. No booking required.

2.30pm Be a Mini Film Star - Kids Film-Making Workshop (Age 7+)
Venue: Forest Hill Pools Community Room
No booking required.

2pm Documentary Film “We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding”
Venue: Finches Emporium 25-29 Perry Vale SE23
No booking required.

5pm Closing Event: Relaxed Film Industry Networking
Venue: DoopoDoopo 15 Dartmouth Rd SE23
No booking required.

Full details of all events can be found on the festival programme or from: 
* Platform 1 is accessed via a small pathway between Living Springs Church and Leaders.

18 March 2014

Forest Hill Free Film Festival the first time since 1973 The Capitol will be showing a film!*

Forest Hill mini Film Festival has screenings and events from 27th March - 30th March 2014 at The Capitol, DoopoDoopo, and Finches.

The Film Festival has been organised by SEE3 in response to a survey earlier this year that found that people wanted to see a cinema in Forest Hill.

All events are free, so please come along and show your support and maybe, one day, we might get a cinema back in Forest Hill.

* As far as we know no films have been shown since 1973. The Capitol was a cinema from 1929-1973, when it was converted to a bingo hall, and more recently to a pub. The building is listed by English Heritage.

21 February 2014

February Newsletter: Making Forest Hill more fun!

‘Jack in the Box’ is a community led initiative funded by SEE3 (the Portas Pilot high street re-generation scheme) that over the next three months aims to put on a diverse and interesting programme of events to encourage more people to visit Forest Hill.

SEE3 set the ‘Jack in the Box’ team a number of key themes to work to including Valentines Day, Fashion Week, Easter & Film but crucially the events are being planned around the results of an on-line survey that ran throughout the month of January. The survey was designed to uncover the reasons people visit Forest Hill, what aspects of Forest Hill are popular (and which are not); and, most importantly, what activities/events people would like to see more. The survey went out to schools, community groups, businesses and residents and the results can be seen on the SEE3 website.

The ‘Jack in the Box’ team made up of two women have successfully delivered a number of events across London via their Shared City enterprise. Together they run imaginative inter-cultural experiences, consultation projects and community events across London.

Deborah, one part of duo (that has lived locally for ten years) says: “Forest Hill is an incredible place with a rich history, great shops and leisure offer, wonderful transport and a diverse, dynamic population. We are big fans of all the ‘local gems’ that Totally Locally have identified”.

“Through this project, we’re sure we can attract more people to the area to appreciate all that Forest Hill has to offer. Though this project, we would like to ensure that the events we run leave a legacy, encourage further collaborations between businesses and residents and continue to bring more Londoners from an increased catchment to enjoy the area”.

“The events are all different but one lesson we’ve learnt is that they work best when the community comes together and gets involved. We also want to attract those Forest Hill residents who might feel marginalised and through the events make Forest Hill a place of which everyone is proud”.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events via or the Forest Hill Society website.

16 February 2014

Forest Hill Fashion Week Spring 2014

Forest Hill Fashion Week Mini kicks off on Tuesday 25 February, running for five days and culminating in a vintage themed closing party on Sunday 2 March at All Inn One, where attendees are invited to get their vintage glad rags on and dance to some classic jazz and Motown. There will also be a fashion exhibition showing at Forest Hill Library from Sat 22 Feb – Sat 1 Mar. This season’s FHFW is on a smaller scale than previous seasons. It is however perfectly formed with cherry picked events for fashionistas and families alike. Highlights include talks by industry experts, kids catwalk show and a pop up fashion market.

Tuesday, 25th Feb
  • Recycle your Wardrobe
  • Ups and Downs of Modelling

Wednesday, 26th Feb
  • All you knit is Love
  • Walk Tall! Posture Clinic
  • African Plaited Necklace Workshop
  • Running a Fashion Pop Up Shop
Thursday, 27th Feb
  • Vintage Chic Makeovers
  • Bracelet Making Workshop
  • Short Fashion Movie Bash

Saturday, 1st March
  • Fashion Market
  • Rio Carnival Mark Making
  • Kids' Catwalk
  • Clothes Swap

Sunday, 2nd March
  • Kids' T-Shirt Printing
  • Kid's Fancy Dress Competition
  • Working in Fashion Talk
  • FHFW Vintage Closing Party

15 February 2014

Stories of Forest Hill: A Writers Workshop

Lived here for some time?
Interested in sharing with others the changes you’ve seen?

Experience not essential, simply an interest in tales of your life in this fascinating community. Written nothing beyond the odd letter since leaving school? Now’s the time to try!

WHERE: The Montage Coffee House, Dartmouth Road SE23
WHEN: Thursdays 2-4pm, beginning February 27, Weekly for six weeks
TUTOR: Maggie Smith (former National Adviser, Creative Writing U3A)

Places very limited. For enquiries please call 07507 753984 or email