24 May 2022

Edible Plant Giveaway

Saturday 28th May - 2pm at Forest Hill station

This year the Forest Hill Society is once again able to offer a free edible “starter” plant to any one who comes to our tables at Forest Hill station on Saturday afternoon, 28th May. We aim to encourage people to grow their own edible plants, or plants with edible products.

No need for a garden, these plants can be grown on a window ledge in any old container. Our plants are provided by the Forest Hill Library garden team, Sydenham Gardens and Kilmorie School.

We recommend coming down as soon as possible after 2pm as plants go quickly. We would particularly welcome families at 2pm to give children a chance to grow these edible plants. If you don't have children who wish to grow the plant then you are most welcome, but we want to give priority to children for the first 15-20 minutes. 

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