29 April 2013

Little Ecological Arts Festival

The Little Ecological Arts Festival (LEAF), will take place on Albion Millenium Green. There will be a series of events running from 2pm to 8pm on Wednesday 1 May to Saturday 4 May. In true artistic fashion, all timings are approximate! For latest details, check the littleecologicalart blog.

  • ‘Tree / Book’ an Interactive Installation by Camilla Nelson
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2pm to 8pm
    Make your mark on this interactive web of tree-related reading & writing materials
  • ‘Enclosure’ an Installation by Dan Eltringham
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2pm to 8pm
    Dan needs more space for his things. He's staked a claim and privatised part of the Green. He might consider leasing it to you.
  • ‘Labyrinth’ an Installation by Maria Strutz
    Wednesday, Thursday 2pm to 8pm
    A walkable sculpture
  • ‘The Keithettes: Divination’ a Performance by Beetle and Bird
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2pm to 3pm
    London based performance company Beetle and Bird pay homage to their Irish heritage. The Keithettes retell a traditional Irish May Day folklore with the help of some snails.
  • ‘Nest’ a Performance Installation by Nathalie Hauwelle
    Wednesday 5pm to 8pm, Thursday, Friday 2pm to 8pm
    A nest fit for a human is built from wood found on The Green.
  • ‘Insect Hotel’ Performance by the International Collective of Ecological Actors
    Thursday, Friday 2pm to 8pm, Saturday 2pm to 6pm
    You are trying to check in but the receptionist is busy building bed-space for some exceptional guests.
  • ‘The Tempest’ by Teatro Vivo
    Thursday, Friday, 7pm to 8pm
    The Spirits of Albion Island invite you to come and celebrate Independence Day! The tyrannous Prospero has relinquished control and the Spirits will be celebrating by planting a memorial. Discover lovers and kings, monsters and men creating a storm in the undergrowth. This will be a work in progress showing inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  • ‘I Surrender’ by Rachael Henley
    Friday 2pm to 8pm, Saturday 2pm to 7pm
    Live Performance Installation Knitting - Live .
  • ‘Gleaning, Leaning and the Lean’ Workshop by Natalie Joelle
    Friday 4pm to 5pm
    What does it mean to glean and what are the ecological implications of its gestures?
  • ‘The Last Cuppa’ Theatre by Elaine Pantling
    Friday, Saturday 4pm to 8pm
    There is comfort in a cup of solitude but there is much more pleasure in sharing a pot of tea with friends. Every cup, every sip stirs up a story and invokes a memory never to be forgotten…
  • ‘Linus Slug’ by Mendoza
    Friday, Saturday 6pm to 7pm
    Insect Poetry from Northumberland.
  • ‘Sprites In Shorts’ a Performance by Simon Harrison and Phiip Engleheart
    Saturday 6pm to 8pm
    The festival finishes with Crystal Palace's finest. Famous for their ‘Blessing of The Pond’ on Albion Millennium Green
  • ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ Interactive Installation by the International Collective of Ecological Actors
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2pm to 8pm
    Reveal the path to the future

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