29 October 2012

Subway Closure

Next week will see the closure of the Forest Hill pedestrian Subway for major refurbishment. This is something that the Forest Hill Society has been asking for since our formation.

The aim of this work is to provide a dry, well-lit, safe, connection between the two sides of Forest Hill. The sides and ceilings will be clad and new lighting installed. Improvements to the steps will be made and handrails provided on the wall as well as centre.

During the next few months it is expected that the subway will be closed to pedestrians, with the alternative route via the South Circular. This will be inconvenient for many people, but will result in a much better subway for years to come.

Below are a few photos from the subway as it looks today.


Michael Snasdell said...

Im sure we can all manage with the closure of the subway, especially if the results are as hoped.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the subway as it is? It serves its purpose just fine, and no doubt any works are going to overrun.

Plus, I'll be sad to see my stickers go, especially as some of them have been up for years.

Anonymous said...

Well change is good of course but I will just be glad if the lights are always on for safe passage in the evenings. I do hope that the street art remains as it is very good and for me, a part of the Forest Hill identity.

James t said...

Sadley the the art work has gone I was one of the local young artists who painted the walls back in 1997, it would be good to see it replaced with another community mural, I did go to a area meeting back in april/may about the mural and showed interest about being involved in repainting a new community mural painted by locals about the history of the area.