02 June 2012

Newsletter: Young Lewisham Project

Tucked away, quietly along Kilmorie Road there is a Youth Project that offers a variety of programmes to schools and other agencies within the Borough of Lewisham. The project has been in existence since 1974 and in its present location since 1991.

It is probably best known, at least by the young people that have been involved over the years, for being a motorcycle project but there is so much more on offer these days.

The aim of the YLP is to help young people gain confidence through achievement and to enhance their abilities through effective communication and teamwork. It provides ‘young person centred learning’ by tailoring their courses to suit the needs of the young people who take part.

The Lifeskills Programme includes carpentry, gardening, cooking, plastering, painting and decorating. There is art, design and clothes-making for after- school groups, bicycle maintenance and off-road cycle rides. And yes there is the Motorcycle Maintenance course and off-road riding training.

Over the last two years we have developed our garden and allotment which has completely transformed our project, making it a far more attractive place to work as well as giving us fresh produce.

Working with 100-150 young people each year, YLP progression routes include further education, work placements and recognition of the importance of taking personal self-responsibility. To find out more see our wonderful short video of the project http://vimeo.com/32079836 and go to our website: http://www.younglewisham.org.uk/
Dave Newman, YLP Programme Coordinator

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