08 December 2011

Forest Hill Returns to the 1970s

After a suitable repast of Babycham and a cheese and pineapple hedgehog, the scene was set for Abigail’s Party, at St George’s Church, Vancouver Road, performed by the St. George’s Players.

It was well-cast with an excellent homage to Alison Steadman, with her fabulous gauche and gangly walk. The play was perfectly rehearsed with excellent timing and energy throughout. The story line builds from cringing moment to cringing moment to a fabulous crescendo of sexual tension, frustration and naivet├ę: set against the sublime character of Sue.

The performance was well lit and the costumes relevant to the decade. The gem of a set was a professional evocation of the era down to the hostess trolley, the 70s lamp and the wallpaper.

The venue is a great one, and lovely refreshments were served by other members and Players. St.George‘s Players put on two plays a year at the church in May and October and details can be found at www.st-georges-players.org.uk

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