19 December 2011

Planning: Hindsleyʼs Place and Westbourne Drive

The Forest Hill Society has written in support of the planning application for live work units on Hindsleyʼs Place and Westbourne Drive.
The Forest Hill Society is interested in supporting well designed high quality buildings and appropriate development. In relation to this application, we write in support of it for two reasons:
  • The live/work units proposed provide a flexible and valuable building type that has been successfully demonstrated in the Forest Hill area at Havelock Walk and other developments. We are keen to support proposals that propose genuine live/work development such as this because they add to the richness of the area and support small scale employment opportunities.
  • The proposals are of a high quality and address concerns that have been raised to earlier proposals on the site. This development will make a significant improvement to Hindsleyʼs Place, in particular.

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    Michael Abrahams said...

    Although this application was recommended for approval by officers, in line with our recommendation, the application was rejected by planning committee on 14th March 2012.