30 June 2022

Station Forecourt Changes

 A new trial access to Forest Hill station will implements from 30th July 2022 which is designed to make the station more pedestrian friendly.

The car park will remain open except the side closest to WH Smith. This side of the car park will be converted into a pedestrian friendly space with additional plants and flowers. We hope that this will improve the welcome to Forest Hill and encourage events to take place in the town centre.

Drop-off and parking at the station will still be possible through the existing vehicle entrance, but this will also function as the exit from the car park. During the trial period the impact of the scheme will be monitored to see if the scheme works for all the community, and consider whether any changes are necessary to turn this into a permanent change.

Once the changes are in place we would welcome your feedback (positive or negative) to understand the views of the community.

1 comment:

martincloake said...

I'm not sure what problem this is solving, as in over 20 years of living here I have never witnessed any problems or accidents on the station forecourt. Blocking off the previous exit does, however, significantly increase the chance of problems and accidents.

While I try to minimise car use, there will be times I have to drop off or pick up at the station - for example if elderly relatives with mobility issues are visiting. What I will now have to do is turn in to a single lane forecourt, hope that no one comes in behind me, then reverse into the car park, turn and come out the same entrance I came in - while hoping no one else is trying to turn in. Any waiting or dropping off is going to be significantly more pressurised if anyone else is trying to do the same.

I'm also exiting closer to the bend on the South Circular, which increases the risk of an accident if someone comes around the bend quickly.

This set up will also encourage people to reverse back onto the South Circular, increase congestion on a single lane that has now been made two-way, and prove significantly more dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. It's also not going to do business at the cafe much good as the number of arguments and blockages increase just outside it.

This really is one of the dafter changes that has been introduced, so I hope some common sense can be applied and the set-up as it previously existed can be restored.