11 September 2014

Dartmouth Road improvements work

It is still early days but we know that Lewisham Council have been successful in their bid for funds from TfL to improve Dartmouth Road (north). In total it appears that £650,000 has been allocated over the next two years to make substantial changes to a key section of the high street.

There are a number of challenges in the stretch of road from the swimming pool to the station, these include; lack of parking/too little time in parking bays, parking away from bays blocking the road and the footpath, difficulty for pedestrians crossing the road, lack of provision for cyclists, and poor use of public spaces outside Sylvan Post and Heron House.

We are expecting consultation by Lewisham Council to identify priorities and find solutions that are right for shops, shoppers, school children, and bus routes. We will keep you updated about the plans as we find out more over the next few months.


Anonymous said...

What is preventing the public spaces outside the Sylvan Post and Heron House being used for a craft/ art market to complement the food market at the Horniman and encourage footfall on the high street?

Anonymous said...

Dartmouth Road should be re-zoned to more residential, shops etc. encouraged over the tracks onto the Perry Vale/Waldram Place triangle. The public parking off Perry Vale is under utilised. There is also potential for the wasted railway land behind WH Smith to become car parking, perhaps a new footbridge to connect to the Perry Vale Parking would help to connect the two sides, and boost shopping.