18 March 2014

Forest Hill Free Film Festival

http://www.see3.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/filmfestposter.pdfFor the first time since 1973 The Capitol will be showing a film!*

Forest Hill mini Film Festival has screenings and events from 27th March - 30th March 2014 at The Capitol, DoopoDoopo, and Finches.

The Film Festival has been organised by SEE3 in response to a survey earlier this year that found that people wanted to see a cinema in Forest Hill.

All events are free, so please come along and show your support and maybe, one day, we might get a cinema back in Forest Hill.

* As far as we know no films have been shown since 1973. The Capitol was a cinema from 1929-1973, when it was converted to a bingo hall, and more recently to a pub. The building is listed by English Heritage.

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