23 June 2015

Dartmouth Road Consultation Feedback

 Following the publication of the consultation document by Lewisham Council regarding improvements to Dartmouth Road, the Forest Hill Society has responded with some of our concerns and priorities around the scheme.
  • Welcome more parking and longer parking times
  • Welcome more / better positioned bus stops serving the town centre
  • Welcome opportunity to reduce street clutter
  • Wish to see double yellow lines for the north section of Dartmouth Road, and improved parking enforcement
  • Concern over pedestrian priority crossings with unclear enforcement measures
  • Would like to see improvements for cyclists around Forest Hill

The full text of the response can be read here.


Anonymous said...

I like the general gist of the response, and how it addresses the need for improvements to cycle infrastructure - but it doesnt really address how it would achieve this.

Perhaps a cycle/ped bridge from the car park on Perry Vale to Bird in Hand Passage would solve this problem? Presently Ive noticed a number of people carrying their bikes up the stairs of the station underpass rather than cycling around the A205 on the road.

Anyway, congratulations on providing valuable local feedback to the proposals.

Anonymous said...

Can we have some security cameras please.