24 July 2012

Pools to open imminently

Mayor Sir Steve Bullock has just posted the following on his Facebook page
Just had a swim in the new pool in Forest Hill!!!! Its been a long struggle but worth it - the new building looks great and so does the old frontage - everyone involved is working their socks off to get it ready to open to the public in a few days time - I was there with some local school students to make sure the pool really is as good as it looks. it is!
This is great news and will be a great addition to Forest Hill.


Unknown said...

But when is the pool opening to the public - come on we're being teased!!

Forest Hill Society said...

It appears that Sir Steve was a little too excited after his dip and that the building will be complete this week.

Fusion Lifestyle now have to install all their equipment and get the IT up and running. This was scheduled to take four weeks, but they are hoping to do it quicker.

While this is disappointing, we must remember that the pools were originally due to be completed in December, so to open in August is a real achievement.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information - so hard to find out!! Looking forward to the opening when it happens hopefully in the not too distant future!

Anonymous said...

why is this pool not open? If sir steve can swim in it why cant we?Is everyone one on holiday or watching the Olympics. When i phoned the pool the staff sounded really fed up and said they were still waiting for the council go ahead. Please pull your finger out.