15 April 2012

Saatchi and Nigella come to Canvas & Cream

Press Release from Canvas & Cream:

Canvas & Cream a new concept art space and dining experience in Forest Hill were host to Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson yesterday, there was a bit of something for both of them in Canvas & Creams’ unique Up-Cycled dining room which adjoins their Gallery/Project Space where artist Raf Zawistowski is exhibiting his new work.


Raf Zawistowski’s solo debut show was bought outright by Saatchi before the show has opened.
Raf Zowistowski’s show Halo curated by Juan Bolivar is showing at Canvas & Cream Gallery/Project Space from Thursday 19th April until 1st June.
Zawistowski’s exhibition focuses on the relationship between materiality and his use of religious iconography, what Zawistowski refers to as existing between "the sublime and the anti-sublime".
In this new body of work comprising of twelve paintings derived from the imagery of the 265 Popes to have reigned to date, Zawistowski hints at the Apostolic connection they have with the Christian faith, and the succession of spiritual authority embodied by these religious figures.

Joanna Gore at info@canvasandcream.com
+44(0)208 699 9589 / +44(0)7745 899462
Gallery Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday 12-5pm (or by appointment)
Canvas & Cream, 18 London Road SE23 3HF

Above photo by Annie Nilaker ©


After viewing the artwork in the Canvas & Cream gallery Nigella, wowed by the eclectic selection of cakes tweeted... ‘Fabulous Cakes at Canvas & Cream SE23 ‘You Must Go’,  after being presented with an Up-Cycled gift box made from a cigar box, two glass trinket boxes and fairy lights, containing homemade cakes she sent out a picture saying ‘My enchanting parcel of takeaway cakes, why haven’t I, of all people ever thought of fairy light giftwrap’.
Canvas & Cream casually offers a fine dining cook to order menu and/or a tea with ‘fabulous cakes’,diners are surrounded by a creative Up-Cycled environment as they eat. See www.canvasandcream.com for details and events

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