06 August 2011

Stolen Property in Lewisham

Lewisham police have recovered a number of suspected stolen items of jewellery and are using Flickr.com in an attempt to re-unite the items with their rightful owners.

The Burglary Squad in Lewisham have photographed all of the property including watches, charms, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings and earrings and posted them on the Metropolitan Police's Flickr page in the hope that those owners will come forward to identify them. They are also using traditional methods to try and return the missing property, including sending letters out to victims of crime who have reported their jewellery stolen through a robbery or burglary.

It is hoped that the Flickr set entitled "Gold jewellery recovered by Lewisham Burglary Squad" will allow the public to search through pictures of the stolen items to try to identify anything that might belong to them.

If you do believe any of the stolen jewellery could be yours, you are asked to contact PC Aaron Barr during office hours (8am - 4pm) on 020 8284 5040 or alternatively email Aaron.A.Barr@met.police.uk to arrange to view the property at Lewisham Police Station.

Please note:
- You should only get in touch if your property was stolen prior to 4 July 2011
- You may be asked for identification, proof of ownership and be required to make a statement

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