20 August 2009

Honor Oak Road Traffic Lights

We received news today that, following representations made by the Forest Hill Society to Transport for London regarding the junction between Honor Oak Road and London Road, the traffic lights and traffic management system have been adjusted to allow a more responsive green time for Honor Oak Road, allowing more time if needed for this road. Hopefully this should remove the excessive queuing on Honor Oak Road.

They have also adjusted the overall amount of green time given to each set of traffic signals which are linked along the South Circular in Forest Hill. This has been increased allowing the signals in Forest Hill to automatically increase the overall green time in the area when needed.

Hopefully these changes will have a positive effect on traffic coming through Forest Hill. Let us have your feedback on whether these changes have the necessary improvement, especially as we go into September with more traffic on the roads.

1 comment:

Forest Jon said...

Brilliant news, this will hopefully have a direct positive effect on my life as I live towards the bottom of Honor Oak Rd where queues can be a nuisance - not necessarily because of the congestion, but mainly because of people sat in their cars outside my flat with blaring car stereos!

Quite intriguing that the lights automatically adjust the green time! - Big Brother is watching.