17 September 2006

The New Civic Society for London SE23

We are PROUD to live in Forest Hill and think the time is right to give the area a strong VOICE. By supporting the Forest Hill Society, we can make sure that our community gets the amenities, the transport and the environment we need and deserve.

Forest Hill should be shouting from the hilltop about the great things the area has to offer – the Horniman Museum and Gardens, some architectural gems, fantastic views, and many good shops. There’s a lot to feel good about.

BUT ….. …what is the FUTURE for Forest Hill?

The station needs upgrading, the swimming pool is closed indefinitely, there are far too many empty, commercial properties on the high street. The list goes on.

The Forest Hill Society will promote what’s best about the area as well as working with the Council to get the improvements we urgently need.

Our neighbours in Sydenham, Dulwich, Peckham and Brockley already have active Societies securing important benefits for their areas. Forest Hill must not get left behind.

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Anonymous said...

I was really concerned reading about the possible train cuts in SE23 magazine. I'm just wondering if we need to be organising people to do more than just a petition? You've got nearly 1000 signatures on the petition - but if we could also get those people to write to the local MPs, to Southern, some sort of daily blogging on 'how crowded was my train home today?' , leafleting of commuters coming back in the evenings?