18 March 2013

Planning Applications: 2 London Road & 49 Church Rise

The Forest Hill Society has recently objected to two planning applications in the local area. 

2-4 London Road, Launderette
The Forest Hill Society has opposed the loss of the launderette and replacement with an estate agent.
Details of Planning Application for 2-4 London Road.
You can read the full letter of objection here

49 Church Rise
The Forest Hill Society has opposed the replacement of a single garage with a bungalow in the garden of this property.
Details of Planning Application for 49 Church Rise.
You can read the full letter of objection here


Anonymous said...

I'm very sad about the laundrette as I am dependent on it, Forest Hill really does need one and like you say there's nothing else around. Thankyou for putting in this objection.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all convinced by this objection. The proposed change of use and planning application seem excellent and great news for Forest Hill. Firstly, your letter is incorrect when it states there is not a laundrette within walking distance. There is an excellent laundrette on Kirkdale about a 10 minute walk. Also as you have noted the laundrette is already closed, and so it is no longer an active service providing for the community, it's another empty shop on our high street. Finally, as you mention, it is 'somewhat run down' (definitely an understatement), so having a viable business occupy it would be excellent. It's currently an eyesore on the high street. Also having looked at other branches the estate agent have, their frontage is exceptional and sympathetic to the buildings (e.g. Dulwich Village Branch).

I hope you take these comments on board

Lisa said...

I agree it is crazy to object to this, especially on such poor grounds. How do I support the application?

Forest Hill Society said...

The procedures for objecting to, or supporting, an application are explained on Lewisham's website.

Stef said...

To be an improvement, the space should be occupied by something we are missing and there is a need of (not quite estate agents). A bakery and deli shop would raise the profile of the location, provide a beautiful corner just at the sight of the station and complement the beautiful coffee shops that recently opened in the area. It would have to offer what sainsbury cannot.