29 November 2008

Tyson Road Objection

The Forest Hill Society is opposing the latest planning application for Tyson Road which was mentioned here previously. Full details of the objection can be read here. Some of the key reasons for rejecting this application are:
  1. Over-development - 76 flats in a backland site
  2. Loss of Biodiversity
  3. Vehicle and pedestrian accessibility
  4. Flood Risk
  5. Crime Prevention
  6. Grounds and gardens that do not meet Lewisham Council policy
We urge members to email the planning department to object to this application. At present there are only 16 objections compared to 193 objections to the previous application which was very similar to the new application.

Please feel free to use the text from the Forest Hill Society objection and add your own opinions.

In related news there was an article in the South London Press last week about this site.


Anonymous said...

The online petition goes great with 92 signatures last time I looked.
But pleaaaaaase, please everybody who cares. Please write to Lewisham Council and object. You don't have to write it in your own words, just use the text from the Forest Hill Society or the text above the online petition.
Just remember to sign the e-mail with the application number 08/70207, copy and paste text, sign with your name and click send.

Michael Abrahams said...

The petition now has 180 signatures. You can sign it at http://tysonroad.notlong.com/

There are now 64 formal objections to the application, but it would be great if we can push this past the number of objections to the last application (193).