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  • Robert McIntosh

Let the light shine in

Updated: Jun 11

On Friday May 24th the Forest Hill Society arranged to have the bike rack in front of the station cleaned, and what a difference it makes. One might even say, like Night and Day!

You may not be a regular user of the bike rack at the station, but it is something that thousands of us, both residents and visitors to the area, see every day. It sits in front of the station, next to the Post Office, and alongside the South Circular. There's a reason this spot is one the Society uses for all sorts of functions, like our Christmas carols and the Walking Festival. This is the closest thing we have to a "town square".

As such, we felt it was important to make it as welcoming and well-turned-out as possible, as well as making it brighter and safer. We decided to spend a small amount of an NCIL budget we were given by the London Borough of Lewisham on hiring a professional cleaner to remove 15 years of dirt and moss and bring this spot back to its original state.

Thank you to Leon of  LBS Pressure washing and roof cleaning who spent several hours on this project while we stood by to direct pedestrians around the work and admire the change.

We look forward to using this location even more regularly in future, and that any local cyclists enjoy the new look.

Come and enjoy the new look at the upcoming Walking Festival and Edible Plant Giveaway on the 9th June, 2024, and to help us to decide what to paint on the wall above it.



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