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Planning Committee

The Forest Hill society planning committee has two major roles; first to look at planning applications in the local area, and second to look at long-term development opportunities across SE23. 


The planning committee recognises the need for new residential development in the local area and encourages such building when it is appropriate to the context. Often we are able to get small changes made in revised planning applications so that the quality of the build and the accommodation is improved on the original design. 


We have some knowledge of the planning system and the rules laid down by Lewisham and by the Greater London Authority. This enables us to help members and local residents who have concerns about developments close to them. Sometimes, even when the Forest Hill Society doesn't object, we will help residents to formulate appropriate responses to planning applications. 


When we do respond to planning applications we endeavour to place our objections on this website so that they are visible to all our members.


Longer term we look at how the town centre may be improved - working with local architects and running workshops to develop a vision for the development of Forest Hill as a town centre.


If you have questions or comments for this committee, or wish to join the next meeting, do get in touch

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