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30 August 2013

Baroque the Streets. RUN for the Hill

How do you like the new mural in Forest Hill?

For some time now, one of our top priorities as a Society has been to reinvigorate Forest Hill's High Street.

To this end, we started the Food Fair, planted various locations in the town centre and reconvened the Traders' Association. We also received some funding from the Local Assembly to decorate the fronts of vacant units with a Horniman theme, with the aim of linking the Museum with the town centre and bringing some of their 750,000 visitors shopping here.

The first of our projects was the boarded up shop at 43 Dartmouth Road, which we decorated with a portrait of the Walrus before he went on his summer holiday to Margate.

However, this mural by RUN was funded by the Dulwich Picture Gallery's street art project, Baroque the Streets, and is an interpretation of The Translation of Saint Rita of Cascia by Poussin.

Our next piece will be appearing soon - keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, additional photos of RUN's piece outside the Sylvan Post can be found on Dan Needham's Flickr page. Our thanks to Dan for documenting the process.