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20 January 2020

Walk through History - 1st February

Meet at 2pm on Saturday, 1st February at St. George's Church, junction of Woolstone Road and Vancouver Road.

A gentle 2 hour circular walk starting and ending at St. George's Church. Read the topography of the edge of Perry Hill with its hidden histories.
We will investigate the theory that a Roman Road briefly enters SE23 at Blythe Vale.Walking on the flat we shall locate Sidnum Place, the origin of the name Sydenham.
We will tell the amazing story of how Sidnum Place is also the origin story behind the Oak of Honor!
We will find the old vinery beside the river Pool and a wetland landscape.

Starting point is close to the bus routes of the 75 and 202 and a short walk from the 185 and 171 bus stop for the Blythe Hill Tavern.