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19 April 2022

Recycling for Soft Plastics

Few of us are aware that, as well as recycling in our Green Bins, local branches of Sainsbury's have facilities for recycling of soft plastic wrapping and bags that cannot be recycled by Lewisham Council.

Polypropylene film can now be recycled. This is a type of plastic commonly used for items such as salad bags, frozen food bags and rice packaging. This includes all flexible plastics, including laminates and pouches. All items should be clean and free of food and sticky labels removed where possible.

10 October 2012

Bring and Take Day at Dacres Wood

Sunday 28th October 2012 - 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm
(access via a Honeyfield Mews between Catling Close and Homefield House, near the junction of Dacres Road and Silverdale) see

Swap unwanted items for something you need – typical items include CDs, DVDs, small electrical items, bikes, lamps, plants, kitchenware, books, clothes, toys

Items should be in good condition and easy to carry home.

There will also be a van for the collection of WEEE Waste – this is electronic waste that no longer works, eg broken kettles, hairdryers etc.


A Forest Hill Society event in conjunction with Friends of Dacres Wood Nature Reserve

06 January 2012

Recycle your Christmas Tree

Lewisham will again be recycling Christmas Trees this year. Simply take your tree to one of 12 designated recycling points between now and Friday, 27 January 2012. The two nearest locations are ​Mayow Park (near the entrance on Mayow Road) and ​Sydenham Wells Park (near the entrance on Wells Park Road)

05 December 2011

Improved Recycling in Lewisham

Lewisham residents can now recycle a larger range of materials from the doorstep collection, now including: juice cartons, all plastics, aerosols, and clothes.

More information on Recycle for Lewisham web site

22 March 2011

Nature Reserves - Freecycle and Open Days

The Forest Hill Society organised a Freecycle day in January, hosted by the Friends of Devonshire Road Nature Reserve. Everyone was invited to bring along unwanted goods with the option to take away things they could put to good use. Items included electrical gadgets, household goods, children’s toys and games, clothing, books, films and music. Several larger items arrived, including a few bikes, baby-carriers, musical instruments and furniture.

Refreshments and cakes were provided and the Nature Reserve was open for visitors. Lewisham Council were on hand for advice on recycling and to supply ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers and freebie bags.

At the end, the best of the toys and books were taken away to donate to charity, everything else was taken by the council for recycling, so very little will have ended up in landfill. Good stuff.

The next event will be on 10 April from 11am to 3.00pm at the reserve. If you’re coming along, please carefully select the items to bring. DVDs are welcome, as are books in really good condition or of antique interest. Please do not bring old clothes or videos. Come along during the Easter holiday, and please do bring the family!

13 March 2011

Free Composting Days

Lewisham Council is running its free weekend garden waste recycling scheme again this year. From March 19 until November 27, residents can dispose of their garden waste every Saturday and Sunday between 9am and noon at four sites including Girton Road car park, Sydenham SE26 5JX and Laurence House Car Park, Catford SE6 4RU

Gardeners are being encouraged to take their waste including flowers and plants, grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves, and twigs and branches up to four inches in diameter in plastic or reusable bags. Kitchen waste, trade waste or trailers, vans or open back vehicles will not be allowed.

The service is free, but residents should take a proof of address and ID. For more information visit

If you cannot make it on a Saturday or Sunday, there are two other options open to you. Either get rid of your garden waste seven days a week at the re-use and recycling centre at Landmann Way, New Cross or pick up garden waste sacks from your local library. The sacks come in rolls of 10 and cost £10 per roll (cash payments only) which covers the costs of collection and transporting the waste to a composting site. Once one or more bags are full, contact CallPoint on 020 8314 7171 to arrange a collection.

18 February 2011

Getting rid of old electrical items

Have you ever had something like a kettle, toaster or hairdryer that doesn’t work anymore and you’re unsure what to do with it?

The answer is here – six brand new small appliance banks have landed in various locations across Lewisham, including the Sainsbury's Car Park on Pearcefield Avenue. This is starting off as a trial, but subject to demand will be extended to cover more locations throughout the borough.

The banks will help Lewisham divert more of its waste to be recycled as well as providing a convenient service for residents, at no cost to the council. The electricals will be taken to SWEEEP to be recycled – click here for more details about the process.

The banks can be found mainly in the south of the borough as residents in the North have easier access to the Reuse and Recycling Centre at Landmann Way in New Cross – where these items can also be taken.

Items which can be receyled in the new banks include Phones, Remote Controls, VCRs, Digiboxes, Electronic Toys, Kettles, Hairdryers, Electric toothbrushes, Shavers, Small kitchen appliances, Irons, Small DIY tools, Clocks and Radios. However, please do not dump TV Monitors, Computers, Cookers, Washing Machines, Lightbulbs, Batteries or anything that won’t fit in the chute here.

The six banks are located at
•Sainsbury’s car park (Pearcefield Avenue, Forest Hill) SE23 3EU
•Laurence House car park (Entrance off Canadian Avenue) SE6 3AT
•Catford Bus Garage (Bromley Road) SE6 2PF
•Grove Park Bus Garage (Baring Road) SE12 0DU
•Junction of Sydenham Road and Porthcawe Road, SE26 5SF
•Junction of Leyland Road an Eltham Road, SE12 8DU

06 January 2011

Recycling Event

Give and Take Day

Sunday 16th January - 11am - 3pm

Devonshire Road Nature Reserve (near the junction with Tyson Road)

It's a good time of year for having a clear out so this is the perfect January event! The idea is that you bring along items you don't want and swap them for something you do want - AND ALL FOR FREE!
Suggested items include DVDs, CDs, small electrical items, bikes, lamps, plants, kitchenware, books, clothes, toys.
Items should be in good condition and easy to carry home.

We're grateful to Lewisham Council for their help and practical support with this event.

15 December 2010

Bring and Take Event - 16 January

This is a fun event to promote recycling, reuse and reduction of waste. Simply bring along any items you no longer need between 11.00 and 15.00 on Sunday 16 January 2011 and swap them for things you do - completely free! Articles should preferably be easily portable and in good condition. Items such as books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, plants, lamps, kitchenware, bikes and other unwanted goods can find a happy home.