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08 December 2011

Photo Competition

Local award-winning photographer Paul Murphy chose the winning entries and the overall winning picture came from Yomsa, which showed Honor Oak in warmer times, with a well composed, black and white picture of One Tree Hill Allotments in the summer. Yomsa wins a £20 gift certificate from local delicatessen, Hills & Parkes – so hopefully can keep well stocked up with organic vegetables through the winter!

With only six participants, and a weighting towards pictures of snow, we have had a challenge creating the 12 month calendar!

Please look on the flickr site, for the set of fantastic winning entries.

16 December 2010

Photo Competition

Horminan Gardens

SE23 is so photogenic with its great views, green spaces and varied architecture. So early next year, we’ll be launching a photo competition with the best pictures being made into a 2012 Calendar.
Horniman Clock Tower

We’re still finalising the details. In the meantime get your cameras ready for those dramatic winter shots of Forest Hill glistening in the snow.
Gridlock on Honor Oak Road

As you can see, some of our members have already sent us their photos.

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