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06 November 2006

Committee Meeting - 26th October

Full minutes of the committee meetings are distributed to members of the committee and are available on request to members of the Society. However, below are a few notes from the meeting which cover the key points discussed in the meeting:
  • Review of Inaugural General Meeting
    • Went well with a good turn out
    • Guest speaker was very useful and gave a good focus to the evening
    • Not enough time to discuss other issues of interest to members
  • Membership for the Society is approaching 300 members. It was confirmed that £5 is an annual membership fee.
  • Sub-Committees were setup on five topics. These will be able to focus on specific areas of interest:
    • Transport
    • Planning
    • Leisure and Amenities
    • Communications and Events
    • Constitutional Review
  • We intend to print and distribute a newsletter to members at the beginning of December
  • We intend to have general/public meetings more than once per year and intend to have the next meeting early in 2007 (possibly February or March).
  • Planning issues:
    • Some improvements have been achieved for the Finches site and the latest plans are available on Lewisham's Website today (26th October)
    • Honor Oak / Tyson Road development is likely to need some scrutiny later this year
  • Transport issues:
    • We have the answers from Nigel D'Souza to the remaining questions from the General Meeting. Transport committee will look at these responses and prepare feedback for Lewisham Council Sustainable Development Committee.
    • Transport issues include roads as well as trains. There are plans to have traffic calming in Dartmouth Road which will help reduce traffic speeds

27 September 2006

Picture of the Committee

This is a picture of most of the members of the committee, elected at the AGM.