16 September 2020

Swifts Take Up Residence

Two years ago, the Lewisham Swifts group enlisted the help of the Forest Hill Fire Brigade to install swift nest boxes on the side of a block of flats in Wynell Road, SE23. Swifts are migratory birds and visit the UK from May to July to breed and fledge their young, before returning to Africa for the rest of the year. As swifts only nest in buildings, providing nest boxes is vital in trying to reverse their declining numbers. 

This year a local swift spotter was very excited to see two of the new nest boxes in use by swifts. It is not known whether the new residents were breeding pairs, but now that swifts have found the boxes it is highly likely they will produce new generations of swifts over the coming years. Look out for them when they return in May!

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