21 April 2015

Reinstating Evening Peak Trains

The Forest Hill Society have received confirmation from Southern that most of the evening peak services that were canceled in January will be reinstated in the May timetable change (16th May).

The following services will run again from May (in addition to the existing 2 trains per hour):

The 18:06 will NOT be reinstated, continuing to leave a 30 minute gap in the evening timetable.

We welcome the reinstatement of these services which might make our journeys home a little better than they have been for the last four months.


Anonymous said...

That is really good news. Sadly the 18.06 is the only one that really suits me so am sticking to the Overground but that is a brilliant leap forward- well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm missing the 18:06 too...

But this is nothing compared to the ridiculous wait in the morning when arriving at London Bridge.

Anonymous said...

What about the 8.30am from Forest Hill to LDN???