26 December 2014

Our Very Own Burns Night 2015!

Since 2009, the Forest Hill Society have celebrated Burns Night in late January and been delighted by the fine food from the Honor Oak and All Inn One pubs, and Canvas & Cream restaurant. In 2015 we will have our Burns Night feast at The Hill Lounge Bar and Kitchen on Dartmouth Road on Saturday 24th January. The Hill have run their own Burns Night ‘bill o’fare’ for a number of years and recently underwent a major refurbishment.

For those of you who are not Scottish (or at least a wee bit Scottish), I should probably explain what it is all about. Robert – or Robbie – Burns is the most famous Scottish poet and his most famous poem is Auld Lang Syne. It is a tradition on Burns night to toast the memory of Robert Burns but... it’s perhaps best not to say too much about his life now as you could find out more on the night (or Wikipedia).

However, Burns Night is not all about Robbie; it is an excuse for some good food, good company, a little alcohol and possibly some poetry, music or even some dancing. While we’re not planning any dancing, we should be able to cater to the other delights of Burns Night. Whatever our backgrounds, we would all undoubtedly enjoy coming together and sharing our common ignorance of Burns and his poetry.

If you are not sure whether you would enjoy our very own Burns Night, let me assure you, you will!

Tickets for Sat 24th January: Dinner costs £19.95 per person (excluding drinks) and starts at 7:30pm; must be reserved in advance from The Hill, 45-47 Dartmouth Road, 020 8699 5686. Please mention that you are part of the Forest Hill Society’s group.

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