25 April 2014

Forest Hill Street Piano


Forest Hill Station now has a street piano, located in the cycle shelter near On the Hoof’ coffee stand. The piano can be played by anybody at any time and we encourage you to stop by for a minute for a quick tickle of the ivories or for a full scale knees-up round the old Joanna.


LizHannaford said...

This is so lovely! Whose initiative? Is it nationwide? Or unique to Forest Hill?

Anonymous said...

This is part of the 'Jack in the Box' community project being run by Deborah Westrup and Caroline Bourne for SEE3.

Chris Rolison said...

It's great that you have put a piano in the station for the public to play. I run a website to list publicly available pianos, http://lonelypianos.com, I have now added this piano to share with other pianists who might be looking for a piano in the area.

Forrest Hill Station Piano link: