28 January 2014

Story Jam at Canvas and Cream

Alys got in touch to tell us about something new at Canvas and Cream:

Story Jam kicks off on Thursday February 6th with Story Jamissimo celebrating National Storytelling week with some mob-handed storytelling.  Expect collaborations, conglomerations and co- confabulations, as we banish solitary activity for the night. Tonight we tell together! (You’ll be safe in the audience, we promise). Come ready for music, laughter, paper beards, moments of great beauty and more storytellers than Forest Hill has ever hosted before.

We’ve got a great season of storytelling ahead, full of nonsense and fun, adventures and enchantment. And if that sounds as though the tales are for children,  listen again. Each month we invite the best storytellers we can entice to Forest Hill to tell us folk tales, fragments of epics, wonder tales, stories from our own shores and from across the globe.  Expect to be transported, challenged, moved, tickled, surprised and maybe even changed… And always to have a cracking night out.
As well as our regular monthly nights, we’re running a couple of working sessions and discussions for newish and not quite so new storytellers.  We’ll announce them loudly, but to be the first to know more, please contact us  and we’ll send you an email when booking opens.
More details at: http://storyjamjar.com/

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