07 October 2013

Meet the Bouncers

Allow me to introduce Les Judd, Ralph and old hand Lucky Eric. They've seen it all. On Club night, they'll be there, checking out the action. Looking cool. Stepping in to break up a fight. Just don't get them started.

From 16 October to 2 November, Spontaneous Productions will be bringing their unique style of size-specific theatre to the authentic atmosphere of Zanzibar Nightclub and Restaurant on Kirkdale.

In this all new, updated version of John Godber's timeless comedy, four nightclub bouncers portray more than 20 different characters (giggling girls, lads on the make, pogo-ing punks and a smooth talking DJ) set against the tatty, glitzy glamour, flashing lights and pulsating beat of the dance floor.

“It's easy to see why Bouncers remains John Godber's most successful comedy.”(Liverpool Post)

Tickets (£12 - £8 concession) are available from Kirkdale Bookshop, 272 Kirkdale, Sydenham. SE26 4RS. Phone: 020 8778 4701. Book early to avoid disappointment!

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