25 June 2013

Planning Update - June 2013

There have recently been a number of important planning rejections and approvals by Lewisham Council. Most importantly the expansion of Miriam Lodge Hostel from 120 units to 186 units was rejected by council officers, in line with the objections from the Forest Hill Society.

We continue to support the principle of hostels for homeless people in the community, but we agree with the council’s conclusion that ‘intensification of the hostel use on the application site will mitigate against the objective of delivering an inclusive, mixed and balanced community’. There were additional issues where the council agreed that the bulk, overlooking, layout, and other features would have a negative impact on neighbours and future residents.

Meanwhile, 14 Waldram Park Road has been a disaster since a developer began excavating the basement causing the structure to collapse and kill one worker.

Over the last year we have worked with a new  developer to design a building that suits it surroundings, rather than a modern block that would not integrate well into the streetscape.

Officers had previously recommended the acceptance of a modern block, but this was opposed by the Forest Hill Society, and the plans were rejected the council planning committee. The latest plans were supported by the Society but recommended for rejection by officers. Once more  the planning committee sided with the Society and approved the plans. Proof that we are not always against any development at all!

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