14 May 2013

Talking about Food

The Horniman Museum are hosting a series of talks and tastings about food and drink from across the globe. The setting will be in the beautiful new garden pavilion and the timings are after work on week days.

Up coming talks include:
Western Polynesian Food and Drink: Acts of Power by Dr Andy Mills, 21st May
Polish food: Memories in deportation and exile by Dr Monica Janoski, 11th June
Behind the Scenes: Pacific Northwest Coast Potlatch by Dr Robert Storrie, Keeper of Anthropology at the Horniman, 13th June
Hot Spice Gingerbread and Edible Symbols by Dr Kaori O'Connor, 25th June
Stories of cheese-making told by its tools by Professor Harry West, 23rd July

More details on these events from http://www.horniman.ac.uk/visit/events/type/19/date/2013-05-10/interval/74
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