23 August 2012

Thameslink Franchise

The Forest Hill Society has submitted a response to the combined Thameslink and Southern Franchise document provided by the Department for Transport.

Summary of Our Recommendations

1.                 Thameslink stopping service on the Sydenham corridor as outlined in the 2007 Route Utilisation Strategy.
2.                 Continued connections from Forest Hill to East Croydon.
3.                 Plans for the introduction of 12 carriage trains on the Sydenham corridor.
4.                 Minimum services frequencies of 4 trains per hour at Crofton Park.
5.                 Inclusion of minimum specification for off-peak services, including maximising the central Thameslink corridor beyond the primary Thameslink routes.

Full submission can be read at http://www.freewebs.com/foresthill/Thameslink%20Franchise.pdf

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is essential we keep direct services to East Croydon as it provides a step free interchange which is not guaranteed at Norwood Junction. This is vital for those of us who are less mobile and find steps a challenge especially when travelling with luggage and pushchairs. There is also more seating at East Croydon than Norwood Junction and refreshment/toilet facilities on the platforms which don't even exist at Norwood Junction. Connections to some destinations can involve waits of up to 30 minutes so having some of these services is particularly useful.