11 February 2012

Planning: 57-59 Honor Oak Park (Sainsbury's?)

Letter sent to Lewisham planning department regarding DC/11/79057: 57-59 HONOR OAK PARK, (potential Sainsburys Local for Honor Oak)

I am writing to you on behalf of the Forest Hill Society to register our objection to this planning application.

In general we have no objection to the combining of the three shops into a single A1 unit. We believe that such a unit will be an asset to the area, increasing footfall for the shopping area, and having a positive impact for many other local businesses.

Our objections do not pertain to the retail unit but to the residential units above the shop which forms part of the application.

Our main concerns regarding these residential units are:
1. Flat 57a has poor quality layout with a kitchen/livingroom that is just over 2m wide in most points, providing little useful floor space.

2. Poor quality access provided to flats 59a & b. Both accessed from the rear, up a flight of stairs, and then an external walkway over the flat roof.
3. General outlook and daylight from a number of the units, most notably the kitchen/diner of 59a.

We are also concerned that no details have been provided of neighbouring properties, most notably 57b which surrounded by this development. There are concerns about the suitability of the internal layout of the units within this application, and the impact this may have on the neighbouring properties.

As a result of these issues we believe this application should be rejected in its current form as it is contrary to council policies HSG5, HSG8, and HSG11.

We hope that the applicant can find ways to adjust the residential units to make them comply with policies and provide a good standard of accommodation for existing neighbours and future residents.


  1. I am surprised that your objections are based on minor alterations to three flats and their design, not very substantive in the scheme of things. Surely local vibrancy and diversity of retail space around Honor Oak Park station should out weigh such concerns?

  2. Since the objection was submitted improvement have been made to the residential units, particularly flat 57a.

    This is exactly why we submit such objections, so that the quality of accommodation provided is to a good standard. It is pleasing when developers accept well founded criticism and are able to make appropriate changes before the officers rule on such developments.