22 March 2011

Chair's Report

One of the challenges with all voluntary organisations is that they rely on volunteers, often with precious free time. Luckily, although I have been otherwise occupied this quarter, other members of the Executive have been very busy.

We are, sadly, saying goodbye to Liz, who has been Editor and Communications Officer since the Society started. We are very thankful to her for all her gentle chivvying as she chased articles for the newsletter and e-newsletter and for her magnificent publicity efforts – the latest of which involves the publicity for Honor Oak Rec. on local television and BBC Radio 4. She will be sorely missed and we wish her and her family well in their new home. As with all farewells, this is also the time for a new start and I would like to thank Belinda, Alison and Alisa for continuing time and energy.

The imminent threat of closure hangs over Crofton Park and Sydenham libraries. The Mayor agreed to their closure on 28 May, despite strong lobbying. However, there have been four expressions of interest from Exam Success Education Centre Limited, Eco Computer Systems, John Laing Integrated Services Ltd and SociaCapita Solutions to run them on a community basis. Council Officers are now actively pursuing these solutions, there is also the possibility of a new library provision at the Ackroyd Centre.

We finally heard from TfL following a meeting to discuss the Red Route through Forest Hill. In a comprehensive reply, they have agreed to make several changes, including a right turn lane onto Waldram Place and extending the loading period outside Mirror Mirror to 7am-7pm among other changes. We continue to push for other changes including better traffic flow through Forest Hill and improved signposting to the car parks.


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