18 February 2011

Getting rid of old electrical items

Have you ever had something like a kettle, toaster or hairdryer that doesn’t work anymore and you’re unsure what to do with it?

The answer is here – six brand new small appliance banks have landed in various locations across Lewisham, including the Sainsbury's Car Park on Pearcefield Avenue. This is starting off as a trial, but subject to demand will be extended to cover more locations throughout the borough.

The banks will help Lewisham divert more of its waste to be recycled as well as providing a convenient service for residents, at no cost to the council. The electricals will be taken to SWEEEP to be recycled – click here for more details about the process.

The banks can be found mainly in the south of the borough as residents in the North have easier access to the Reuse and Recycling Centre at Landmann Way in New Cross – where these items can also be taken.

Items which can be receyled in the new banks include Phones, Remote Controls, VCRs, Digiboxes, Electronic Toys, Kettles, Hairdryers, Electric toothbrushes, Shavers, Small kitchen appliances, Irons, Small DIY tools, Clocks and Radios. However, please do not dump TV Monitors, Computers, Cookers, Washing Machines, Lightbulbs, Batteries or anything that won’t fit in the chute here.

The six banks are located at
•Sainsbury’s car park (Pearcefield Avenue, Forest Hill) SE23 3EU
•Laurence House car park (Entrance off Canadian Avenue) SE6 3AT
•Catford Bus Garage (Bromley Road) SE6 2PF
•Grove Park Bus Garage (Baring Road) SE12 0DU
•Junction of Sydenham Road and Porthcawe Road, SE26 5SF
•Junction of Leyland Road an Eltham Road, SE12 8DU


Nazli & Tony said...

Any idea where lightbulbs can be disposed of (nearer FH than the main centre in Deptford)?

The battery disposal place in Sainsbury's seems to have disappeared, which is a pity. In theory I think we can put batteries in transparent plastic bags left on top of our bins but it doesn't look a very robust way of ensuring they end up in the right place.

Unknown said...

Lidl has an battery deposit "bin".