05 March 2010

Forest Hill Pools Consultation

Initial Pool Frontage
Lewisham Council have just announced the following dates for a consultation on the design of the new pools.

You will be able to see the plans online or in person at the following times:
Wednesday, 17 MarchForest Hill Station 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Thursday, 18 MarchForest Hill Library 9 am -8 pm
Friday, 19 MarchSainsbury's (London Rd) 5 pm -7 pm
Wednesday, 24 MarchForest Hill Station 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Thursday, 25 MarchForest Hill Library 9 am -8 pm
Friday, 26 MarchSainsbury's (London Rd) 5 pm -7 pm

We will then have the chance to meet the architects to provide feedback and discuss any concerns on Saturday, 27 March at Forest Hill Station from 10 am -3 pm

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Thropewood Resident said...

Parking around Forest Hill Pool.
Hi, I am happy we were able to retain the building for the pool and look forward to it opening, however the parking may be a major issue for those of us living immediately around the pool. Parking is currently busy with day parkers using the station and as no parking is allocated for the new building and all the facilities it will house, it will be very difficult if not imposible for us to park outside our homes. We would like some help in looking at this. Some residences have received a letter for comment on the planning application to respond by 27th May. Again, no problem with the plans as such, however, would like to avoid any possible parking issue. Thank you.