20 February 2010

23 Club: February and March

The Events Committee thought it would be interesting to widen out the scope of the 23 Club events beyond visiting local restaurants in the evening or for Sunday lunch, so you will see that this month we are going to a newly opened cafe in Honor Oak (Hopscotch), and to a fairly recently opened bar near to Hopscotch (The Stone Bar) in March. Please note you don’t need to pre-book for February or March – 23 Club seating will be signed – just turn up.

Tuesday February 23: Hopscotch : a new cafe in Honor Oak

72 Honor Oak Park SE23 1DY www.hopscotch-cafebar.com

Meet at 11am for coffee and/or 4pm for tea (no booking needed) – tables will have 23 Club ID

Tuesday March 23 : Stone Bar : a new Caribbean style bar in Honor Oak

68-70 Honor Oak Park SE23 1DY www.stonebar.co.uk

Meet between 6-8pm for drinks (no booking needed) – tables will have 23 Club ID

If you decide to stay and have supper you don’t need to book. Menu info is on the website.

Friday April 23 : evening : St George’s Day Celebration

April 23rd is St George’s Day, and we think it would be fun to mark this in some way. If you have any suggestions, please do contact me so the Events Committee can consider them – dragon-slaying followed by a barbeque would be ideal, of course, but may be fraught with H&S regulations these days .

How the 23 Club works The Club is open to Forest Hill Society members and their guests. Please make your booking (if necessary) direct with the restaurant, saying you want to be seated with the 23 Club group. Everyone orders and pays separately.

23 Club email list and venues Finally please send details of anyone who wants to be added to this 23 Club email information, and also pass on any suggestions you may have for restaurants in the Forest Hill area, and ideas for other local options.

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