17 March 2007

Between Sunderland Road and Trilby Road

For many residents in SE23, the path between Trilby Road and Sunderland Road is an excellent shortcut to and from the station. Following an incident in November, the Forest Hill Society requested that action be taken to improve this pathway.

Since then a number of meetings have taken place involving Councillor John Paschoud, representatives of Forest Hill Society, the police, Perrymount School, Lewisham Council and the Methodist Church. As a result we have already improved the lighting by removing branches from a tree blocking the lamppost and plans are coming together to spend some of the Perry Vale locality fund on other improvements to this path, including:

  • Removal of all old concrete fence-posts along the path
  • Fencing across the Sunderland Road end (to prevent cars entering the alley)
  • Convex mirror on lamppost at Trilby Road end
  • Planting along school edge
  • Planting to soften concrete wall bounding nature reserve
  • Hedge or similar along flats edge
  • Possible replacement of concrete wall on boundary with house on Trilby Road
  • Resurfacing of the path

We are also hopefully that the overgrown area on Shipman Rd can be improved to make a better exit from this end of the path.

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