04 October 2006

Minor Improvements to the Underpass

I noticed this morning that the guttering has been repair in the underpass which should make the underpass a little better to use, especially in the rain. This follows last week's demolition of a pointless piece of wall at the bottom of the staircase that allowed rubbish to collect and from the smell it was being used as a urinal.

This makes two or three issues dealt with since the meeting between Southern Rail and FH and Sydenham Society at the station in June. Remaining minor issues like we would like to see addressed before the complete rebuild of the station:
  • Removal of graffiti on the footbridge
  • Wider exit on the southbound platform to avoid congestion
  • Better lighting on the steps from the southbound platform (especially as we approach winter)
  • Convex mirror at the top of this exit is facing the wrong way to be of any use
  • Removal of the gate from the exit (which is never closed and causes an obstruction when opened onto the platform)
  • Resurfacing at the bottom of the stairs
  • Possible improvements to lighting and CCTV in the underpass

Let's hope we see more improvements soon.

Latest news (Thursday 5/10/06) - we have seen more improvements - the resurfacing of the bottom of the stair and the surrounding pavement. More good news for Forest Hill.

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