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18 September 2016

Forums for SE23 Chat

SE23 is now blessed with two local forums to discuss local and not so local issues.

SE23.com was founded in 2002. It was really the birth place of the Forest Hill Society when a number of regulars on the forum realised that they did not want to just complain, they wanted to do something. It proves that online forums can make a difference in the real world.

SE23.life is the new kid on the block. Having started earlier this year, it already has lots of discussions on local issues and reviews of local businesses. This forum encourages users to be ‘verified’ in real life, but you can chose to remain ‘anonymous’.

Both of these forums are independent of the Forest Hill Society. We do not control either one but certainly listen to views from local people on these forums.

If you have news you want to share, or have a local question you need answering, these two forums are great resources.

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